Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hobby For The Men

This is for all the men out there who love an outdoors experience. With on of these pellet rifles, you could be hunting with a world class gun. has the widest selection of pellet guns, air guns and blank guns. This competition pellet rifle from Feinwerkbau is up to par with other olympic level guns. I am confident you will find exactly what you're looking for.

Shopping Online

With the internet having every product imaginable to man, it makes it easy for us to either love shopping online or hate it. People who love to shop online love the convenience and the ease it makes in their shopping lives. Others don't like it because they get caught up finding things they were never looking for in the first place!
So I'll be pointing out some things you may haven't seen, or things that I just love or find interesting that I think everyone will like. Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Learning new things!

So I always love to learn new things, and I have a friend who loves to go shooting. I am terrified of using a real gun though. But I really want to learn. So we came up with a solution which would work perfectly I'll be learning with one of those air soft guns. Not sure exactly what they are, but they sound good to me. So next week I will be learning how to shoot an air soft gun! Hopefully I don't mess anything up :)

Fashion for all!!!

So we all know that I love fashion. I've noticed fashion going from adult to children a lot, and then I came across unbelievable fashion for pooches. That's right, designer dog clothes! Have you seen them, the designer dog fashion that has emerged with celebrities like Nicole Richie. Dogs are becoming more and more fashionable everyday. I found the cutest tweed coat for a little pooch and absolutely fell in love with it, I wanted one like it for myself :)