Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Perfect Baby Shower Ever!

I remember when I was surprised with a baby shower by a friend of mine, I had no idea it was coming. I just came back from the doctor for my eighth month check up and was just feeling so tired and fat. All I wanted to do is climb into bed and nap until the baby decided to come out. So, when I reached the front door I didn't even have to open it, all I heard was a loud "surprise!" I almost fell backward off the steps!
I have to say all my feelings of sleepiness was wiped away with a room full of smiles and such awesome party decor I was thrilled! My girlfriend really out did herself. The little buffet with tiny finger sandwiches and a diaper cake to boot! She had a huge comfortable rocker wrapped in a big pink bow where I sat and never wanted to move! Everyone was so excited to open the baby gifts of cute little clothes, and toys. I think we spent well over an hour gushing over precious outfits and adorable tiny shoes! I wished the party would never end! We had so much fun playing the baby shower games that had us rolling on the floor laughing for hours. All of these memories I will cherish and the people in my life that really care for me and my new arrival. I just hope that one day I can return the favor to my dear friend Jane. Thank you so much for everything you do and the happiness you bring to my life everyday!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm shopping for Playmobil toys this Christmas

If there's one thing I'm sick of, it's Disney Princess, Dora, Diego, Spongebob and Cars. Oh, wait. I suppose that's five things. But I guess they can be categorized into licensed characters. I'm sick of seeing them all over every toy in the toy store. I hate licensed character merchandise.

So this Christmas, I'm going to be doing my toy shopping very sparingly in Target and Toys 'r Us. I'm also going to be shopping for Playmobil toys. There are several little boys and girls on my Christmas shopping list, and I know they -- and their parents -- would love the refreshing change that Playmobil toys bring!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Warm and Inviting Candles

I always love walking into a home filled with the smells of kitchen baking. Okay, well we all don't have time to actually bake all the time but, why not fake it? With the Village Candles I found you will think I was in the kitchen sweating over a hot stove all day! I love these simple little pleasures like the irresistible aroma of pumpkin pie and other fresh baked goodies! Pick out your favorite aroma in a warm scented candle that will make your whole house smell wonderful!

Friday, May 1, 2009

HP is my definite shopping pick

When it comes to computers, I am all about HP. I'm typing from an HP desktop right now, and I own an HP laptop (custom made -- I'm waiting for it to be shipped to me). My husband has an HP laptop, thanks to a generous birthday gift from yours truly, and my mother, brothers and grandfather also have HP computers.

The nice thing about HP computers is that they're built from quality materials. With the exception of a dud monitor that my mother had, we have never *knocks on wood* had a single issue. I've never had to call their technical support, Irvine tech support or any technical support for that matter.

Oh, and the computer I'm at right now? It's four years old. Definitely "old" by computer standards, but still in perfect working order!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Youth NFL Jerseys for Little Fans!

If you have a little NFL Fan out there and, have been searching for that perfect jersey in a youth style, here you go! go! carries Youth Jerseys and NFL Apparel to really bring a smile to his face! These NFL foot ball jerseys are the closet you can get to the authentic NFL jerseys! These jerseys are constructed in the same patters as the ones the players wear! Complete with name plate, external logos, drop tail, authentic NFL equipment loop label, jock tag, embroidered NFL equipment logo at the neck with screen-printed name and numbers. Choose your little guys favorite team and player! These will surely be an awesome gift!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Pick to Savings in Home & Business Spaces

A favorite thing for me to do is saving money while I shop! From groceries, to clothing even to our lighting in our home and work space. We have found the solution to helping save money by using energy saving high baby lights and, residential lighting in our home and business location. Not only do the lights give us great illumination throughout, but, they were well priced and will definitely save us some money in the long run!
Now, with that said, what kind of things are you doing to cut the cost of living and running your own business? I would love to hear some ideas that I may be able to use as well!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

What are Your Favorite Brand of Baby Clothes?

What brands are hot for spring and summer this year? I have been doing some research and, it looks like Quiksilver for Boys and, Roxy Clothing for Girls. currently carries these brands and some are at discount prices right now! What a great time to do some Spring shopping! Stock up on jeans, shorts, tees, hoodies and, sandals the possibilities are endless. The truth is that you can mix & match these easy laid back pieces to coordinate well with other pieces in their wardrobe. Children love the cool look and feel of these stylish clothes and, moms love the quality. You won't have to worry about your kids not looking their best when you dress them in Quiksilver or Roxy brand baby clothes and kids clothes!