Friday, June 15, 2012

Home Sweet Secure Home

Whether you own a business or just want to keep your family safe, installing a home security system is worth every penny. I actually get disgusted watching the news and hearing about all of the creepy things happening lately and its not in big cities, its in my neighborhood. As sad as it is we don't live in the era of leaving your doors unlocked and your windows left open.

To avoid the pain, heartache and sadness of a break in or even worse something involving a family member, stop it before it even happens. A lot of people think home security systems are a waste of money but in this day and age they are a necessity. Especially if you are a business owner I would hope you already have one installed and if not I highly suggest the installation of one!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Wonderful Bridal Party Dresses

My bridal party dresses are so great! I wanted to pick something out that everyone would feel comfortable in. I think I did a pretty good job. The dress has a really cute wrapped style to it, that is really cute and simple. The bottom of the dress is not skin tight and flows really beautifully. I made sure the dress had staps because some people don't always like strapless. The color also matched my wedding theme perfectly. I can tell you for sure the dresses were a hit. My maid of honor told me after the wedding that she's going to wear this dress again!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Start Rolling With Blue Print Stands

I just purchased this blue print stand and so far it has cleaned up my work area tremendously. I use it for my drawings and ideas, and normally when I'm done with one, I just leave it lying around. When I want to find it, it's hopeless or it gets ruined. My friends hate coming over and working with me, because if they leave anything for me to look at later, I will never find it.

Now, I can just roll up anything I want, lay it on the stand and it's so easy for me to find. My first step of becoming more organized. I'm already liking the progress I am making and I like how it is easy to move the stand around. I haven't found the perfect spot for it yet, but it's really easy to move around and keep everything together too. Slowly but surely I will be able to get my business started and rolling!

Yoge Pants: The Ultimate Pant!

I am so in love with these pants. Victoria Sercret's Yoga pants are the best idea ever. I literally wear mine almost everyday. They are so comfortable. They stretch and fit so perfectly. I leterally wear mine everyday. It's not really hard to find anything to go with them because they go with everything! I can wear them with my favorite college sweater, of a cute little v-neck top.

If you don't like the yoga pants, they come in different styles. There's a yoga crop (capri), yoga shorts, and yoga leggings both long and crop (capri). They are so versitile and again go with everything! I use them for everything too. I'll go run some errands in the day with them on. I'll actually go and do some legit yoga in them. I'll go hang out with friends in them. Working out in them is my favorite thing to do with them on. They are the new jean, everyone has to have a pair!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Know It's The Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

Right when I saw this dress, I knew it had to be my bridesmaid dress for my girls. I am in love with lace and right when I saw this, it was perfect. My wedding dress has alot of lace on it and it is going to go perfectly with everything else. I wasn't planning on this rose color but when I ordered one dress to look at it, I fell in love. All my girls look gorgeous in the dress and I think they love it, or at least they said they do.

My fiance didn't want any color of pink in the wedding, but when I showed him the dresses, he actually liked them too, and he let me go ahead and use them in the wedding. I am so excited for the day to finally get here. It's going to be magnificent. We thought it was going to take forever to find a dress for all my bridesmaids, because I wanted to have them wear something that sticks out too, and I wanted them too look gorgeous as well. Right when I saw this dress, I knew I was done looking. It's amazing how you just know something and how it all seems to really work out in the end.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day eCards!!

Sending your valentines an eCard this year!! These cards are the cutest thing I have seen.They are really easy and they pay off. Can't always make it to the store to buy a valentines day card and don't have enough time to send one? Well why not send one electronically!

My husband bought me one this year and I loved it! It was so adorable the little characters danced on my little eCard and it was just perfect. I always had a problem loosing my valentines day cards and so every year I'd get one and end up loosing it the next day. My husband learned, and now we only send each other eCards. Of course we'll send each other chocolates and I'll get my flowers but those aren't so easy to loose. Now every time I check my email I get to replay my card and remember what a great husband I have and how much I'm loved!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

charlaine harris: Sookie Stackhouse Series

The Sookie Stackhouse series should be on your top list of must reads. I've been reading the books as they've been coming out, but I cannot get enough of them! They are such a page turner that they just go by so fast! The novels follow a waitress named Sookie Stackhouse, who every corner she turns, she ends up encountering the supernatural. You get introduced to some very interesting and memorable vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, and even fairies. The combination of action, romance, humor, and suspense will keep you always wanted more and never disappointed!
If you’re interested the novels but don’t have enough time on your hands to read all 12 books? Well luck for you the Sookie Stackhouse series has been turned into a television series: True Blood. On True Blood you get to put a face to the novel characters. Don’t worry though True Blood does the novels justice. In fact, being able to see the character on the series makes me love them even more in the books. I’ve been watching the series for three years and I cannot get enough!