Thursday, May 6, 2010

Baby Shower Diva

Spring time seems to wheel a whole lot of baby showers. I am always one to go all out when helping my friends or family plan for one of these special events. I love everything about these parties. This is a time where all of us girls can be girls and talk about babies and girl stuff. I always get a little twinkle in my eye when I shop for the mom and baby too. From baby shower favors to the food I can plan these showers like a pro! Need any advice? Take it from me shopping online has saved me a lot of time and money and every single baby shower I have help plan has been a hit! Trust me!


Allister said...

OMG I love the products in your picture. I tried to click on it to take me to the vendor. Can you tell me who it is??

Allister said...
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