Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shopping for Christmas is exhausting

My husband complains about being tired because he works about 45 hours per week, and commutes a half an hour each way to work. Pfft, tired? I wish I only had to do that, come home, pitch in here and there around the house and take out the trash. I work full time -- from home, which makes it harder to concentrate and focus and get work done. I have two children, a lively girl who is four, and an autistic, in-the-throes-of-the-terrible-two's two year old. And then there is the everyday housework to keep up with.

Christmas has just been crazy this year! It has been the best in terms of having the money we need to buy presents for family members and friends, but it has been very tiring because we have a lot of people to shop for.

Are you doing most of your shopping online or offline?

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