Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer is whizzing by

I want to do something special for my husband. While we both work and probably log equal amount of hours most weeks (yes, I am that busy working from home!), his job is much more physically demanding than mine, and definitely more stressful. Plus there's the driving time to and from work, and I know how much he hates to drive.

I have one idea in mind, but it would take a lot of planning, and a significant amount of money. It's something I hope to pull off by the end of the summer. I'm so tempted to just jump and do it this weekend, but unfortunately those pesky little things known as "bills" always want to be paid first.

Today has been a really quiet day. I did some blogging, started a new book (check out my Good Reads to see what's on my reading list!), read some of the confessions at True Mom Confessions, and did a bit of research on titanium rings for a writing project I wrapped up just a little bit ago.

I need to get geared up for July and then August! Ack! Summer is just whizzing by. My son's second birthday is in two weeks, and then we have a swim party to plan for on August 5th. Whew!

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