Wednesday, February 8, 2012

charlaine harris: Sookie Stackhouse Series

The Sookie Stackhouse series should be on your top list of must reads. I've been reading the books as they've been coming out, but I cannot get enough of them! They are such a page turner that they just go by so fast! The novels follow a waitress named Sookie Stackhouse, who every corner she turns, she ends up encountering the supernatural. You get introduced to some very interesting and memorable vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, and even fairies. The combination of action, romance, humor, and suspense will keep you always wanted more and never disappointed!
If you’re interested the novels but don’t have enough time on your hands to read all 12 books? Well luck for you the Sookie Stackhouse series has been turned into a television series: True Blood. On True Blood you get to put a face to the novel characters. Don’t worry though True Blood does the novels justice. In fact, being able to see the character on the series makes me love them even more in the books. I’ve been watching the series for three years and I cannot get enough!

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