Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day eCards!!

Sending your valentines an eCard this year!! These cards are the cutest thing I have seen.They are really easy and they pay off. Can't always make it to the store to buy a valentines day card and don't have enough time to send one? Well why not send one electronically!

My husband bought me one this year and I loved it! It was so adorable the little characters danced on my little eCard and it was just perfect. I always had a problem loosing my valentines day cards and so every year I'd get one and end up loosing it the next day. My husband learned, and now we only send each other eCards. Of course we'll send each other chocolates and I'll get my flowers but those aren't so easy to loose. Now every time I check my email I get to replay my card and remember what a great husband I have and how much I'm loved!

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