Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Know It's The Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

Right when I saw this dress, I knew it had to be my bridesmaid dress for my girls. I am in love with lace and right when I saw this, it was perfect. My wedding dress has alot of lace on it and it is going to go perfectly with everything else. I wasn't planning on this rose color but when I ordered one dress to look at it, I fell in love. All my girls look gorgeous in the dress and I think they love it, or at least they said they do.

My fiance didn't want any color of pink in the wedding, but when I showed him the dresses, he actually liked them too, and he let me go ahead and use them in the wedding. I am so excited for the day to finally get here. It's going to be magnificent. We thought it was going to take forever to find a dress for all my bridesmaids, because I wanted to have them wear something that sticks out too, and I wanted them too look gorgeous as well. Right when I saw this dress, I knew I was done looking. It's amazing how you just know something and how it all seems to really work out in the end.

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