Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yoge Pants: The Ultimate Pant!

I am so in love with these pants. Victoria Sercret's Yoga pants are the best idea ever. I literally wear mine almost everyday. They are so comfortable. They stretch and fit so perfectly. I leterally wear mine everyday. It's not really hard to find anything to go with them because they go with everything! I can wear them with my favorite college sweater, of a cute little v-neck top.

If you don't like the yoga pants, they come in different styles. There's a yoga crop (capri), yoga shorts, and yoga leggings both long and crop (capri). They are so versitile and again go with everything! I use them for everything too. I'll go run some errands in the day with them on. I'll actually go and do some legit yoga in them. I'll go hang out with friends in them. Working out in them is my favorite thing to do with them on. They are the new jean, everyone has to have a pair!

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